Monthly Archives: June 2010

Bill Extending Biodiesel Credit

Senate Rejects Bill Extending Biodiesel Credit The Senate has voted down the bill to extend the biodiesel credit. The longer the industry goes without the tax break, the greater the impact, National Biodiesel Board CEO Joe Jobe told OPIS. "What's happened is that even though the tax credit has been extraordinarily successful in stimulating investment [...]

Decline in Diesel Price

According to the Department of Energy, there has been a drop in the price of diesel by 1.8 cents this week. Information published by the Energy Information Administration, indicated the average price of diesel for this week to be $2.928. Therefore, the price of diesel has falling by 19.9 cents in a time span of [...]

Health care credit for businesses

The IRS has issued guidance to help small business owners cope with new requirements in the monumental health care legislation. (IR-2010-38) Under the new health care law, a small business is eligible for credit for contributions used to purchase health insurance for its employees. To qualify, the business can't have more than 25 full-time employees [...]

FMCSA to Propose Easing of Supporting Documents for EOBR Users

Under a pending Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proposal, carriers that use electronic recorders will get a break on the list of documents required to prove they are in compliance with the hours of service rules. The agency is asking for comments on a plan to drop a half-dozen documents from its required list altogether, [...]

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