Monthly Archives: May 2014

IRS Debt

Are you involved in an issue regarding IRS or state tax debt? Don't let it overwhelm you! Let us work on your behalf to help resolve the issue so you can get on with your life!

Spring Cleaning for your Company QuickBooks File!

There are a lot of clues that indicate trouble with your QuickBooks company file. Is it time for a check-up and tune-up? After this ridiculously long winter, you'll probably hear few complaints about things like puddles in the street, summer heat and spring cleaning. Most people are eager to throw open the doors and windows, [...]

Wondering how to Pay your Drivers? Wire Transfer vs. ACH Payment

Wire Transfers vs ACH Payment Processing Businesses today, including accounting firms, benefit greatly from both wire transfers and ACH payment processing. Each offers unique benefits for specific situations worth considering. In order to decide which electronic payment method to choose and when, it's necessary to look at the definitions and distinctions of each. ACH Payment [...]

Hiring your first Employee? Here are some Tax-Related Steps to think about…

Be prepared for a mountain of paperwork, much of it related to income taxes. Adding your first employee to your small business comes with good and bad news. The good, of course, is that you're succeeding so well that you need full-time help. You're hopeful that this new individual will being new energy and fresh [...]

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