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Ambassador Bridge Truck Traffic Crossings Slip 1.4% in March

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4/12/2011 2:20:00 PM

Truck traffic crossing the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, slipped 1.4% in March from a year ago, the company that runs the bridge said Tuesday.

Truck trips totaled 242,765 for the month, compared with 246,234 a year ago, the Detroit International Bridge Co. said in a statement.

Crossings were up 24.2% from the recession-level 195,434 of two years ago, but despite that increase, truck traffic is 28% below the pre-9/11 level of 335,595 crossings in the year 2000.

Total traffic, including automobiles, was up 3% in March but down 41% from 2000, the group said.

The bridge’s owners oppose a plan, backed by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, to build a second crossing between the United States and Canada.

Its release said that “notwithstanding the rhetoric by proponents of [a new bridge,] truck traffic continues to fall.�

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