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Navistar Enters Engine Deal with EcoMotors

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2/24/2011 9:00:00 AM

Navistar International Corp. has reached a development agreement with EcoMotors International to help commercialize the engine maker’s “opposed-piston, opposed-cylinder� engine technology.

EcoMotors’ first commercial vehicle product to use the technology, which it calls Opoc, is a turbo-diesel engine, Navistar said in a statement Tuesday.

The Opoc engine “provides the well known emissions benefits of 4-cycle engines, the simplicity benefits of 2-cycle engines, the power density of the less well known opposed piston engine, and the extraordinary developments in electronics and combustion technology,� Navistar said.

“We are delighted that Navistar, a global leader in the commercial vehicle industry, has recognized the game-changing promise of Opoc,� Vinod Khosla, a major investor in EcoMotors, said in the statement.

Navistar did not disclose the terms of the agreement.

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Navistar Enters Engine Deal with EcoMotors (2/24/2011 9:00:00 AM)
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