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Paccar Parts Fleet Services Enhances Electronic Catalog ECAT

Paccar Parts Fleet Services’ electronic catalog system now uses vehicle maintenance reporting standard (VMRS) codes for easier part searches.

The ECAT system is a web-based application designed to provide detailed parts lists for Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks and in-depth component catalogs for Paccar Parts Fleet Services customers. The system uses VMRS codes for industry consistent cataloging of components, like diesel particulate filters and emission control-related components. Also, TRP Aftermarket Parts are easily identified using cross reference tools within the system.

“ECAT has always been an interactive tool for Kenworth and Peterbilt dealers to access chassis models, which identify truck parts and show customers where parts components are located through a sophisticated graphic user interface,” said Karl Mowat, general marketing manager for Paccar Parts. “Paccar Parts has now added greater functionality to the ECAT system with VMRS codes and has made it more accessible for companies signed up through Paccar Parts Fleet Services.”

VMRS codes help reduce confusion and potential entry errors since parts can sometimes have different names. For example, an ABS tone ring might also be called a tooth wheel or an exciter ring.

“Fleet managers, shop technicians and parts personnel can now research parts and create electronic list orders without having to manually write down part numbers,” Mowat added. “That greatly reduces the chance of getting the wrong part.”

Once a truck’s chassis number is entered, the system retrieves a complete list of components and materials added to the truck by the manufacturer or body builder. Alongside the list, a graphic of the truck is displayed. The user can click on an area of the truck and get a list of parts in that area. Or the user can find a particular part and the location of the part will be highlighted on the graphic representation. The user can also access service-wiring diagrams and get the failure type codes associated with certain parts.

“Paccar Parts Fleet Services has loaded more than 80,000 individual VMRS codes into the Paccar Parts ECAT system,” Mowat said. “We think the work will be well worth the effort for our fleet customers, who can now get fast and accurate information to help them quickly identify parts and components for replacement and servicing.”

Fleets interested in signing up for Fleet Services and getting access to the ECAT system should contact their local Kenworth or Peterbilt dealer.

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Paccar Parts Fleet Services’ electronic catalog system now uses vehicle maintenance reporting standard (VMRS) codes for easier part searches….

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