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SendThisFile: Sending Large Files Securely

Our technology easily removes size limitations that are typical with corporate or even free email accounts. Sending large files shouldn’t have to be complicated and with a free account with SendThisFile, it’s not. With our professional level encryption, your privacy remains intact.

We know that in today’s world of data leaks and security breaches, privacy is critical. Even when you use our free service to share large files, the integrity of your data is shared over our 128-bit TLS end-to-end encryption (and 256 bit AES while at rest).

There is no restriction on the file type or size that you can transfer using our service. Whether uploading large video files, massive graphics in CAD files or sharing documents with your accountant, you’ll never have to resize or reformat before upload. There’s no need to pay for costly physical media storage, overnight shipping, or FTP systems. And receiving files is easy too!

Secured by: SendThisFile